IGBT rectifier

Type GR-3864
Bidirectional rectifier with TFT display

With our IGBT rectifiers, modern power supply solutions are realised taking into account low THDi values and energy efficiency (low apparent power consumption, regenerative).


  • Regenerative IGBT rectifier
  • Low ripple (<0,5%)
  • Low mains feedback due to PFC
  • Systems can be connected in parallel
  • Input contactor for rectifier
  • Automatic charge
  • Programmable battery test with full nominal power through mains regeneration
  • Analogue control
  • Microprocessor-controlled monitoring
  • Digital display with event ring memory (non-volatile); colour TFT panel with touch screen
  • Power unit with two-stage temperature monitoring
  • Galvanic isolation between input and output
  • 8 remote signals (potential-free contacts, configurable)
  • RS232

State of the art

  • High MTBF values
  • Power factor input at nominal power >0,99
  • Total harmonic distortion THDi < 6 %
  • User-friendly, intuitive operation
  • Temperature-controlled charging voltage
  • 3 Charging characteristics IU (Automatic)
  • Design according to current standards


  • Temperature controlled charging voltage
  • Earth fault monitoring
  • Profibus, Modbus, SNMP and other interfaces
  • Increased protection class (e.g. IP21)
  • Further options on request

Technical data (design example)

Type GR-3864

Nominal power

up to 500 kW

Rectifier version

IGBT, PWM, galvanically isolated (λ > 0,98)

Input voltage

3/N/PE AC 400/230V

Input frequency

50 (60) ± 5 %

Output voltage

up to 1000 V

Output current

up to 1250 A

Voltage tolerance

static: ± 1
dynamic: < 5 % at 100 % load change

Settling time

< 2 ms

EMC standards

EN 61439-1
EN 61439-2
EN IEC 62040-2

Noise level

approx. 50 -70 dB(A)

Cooling type

"AF" enhanced cooling

Overall efficiency at nominal load

Typically > 94%

Permissible environmental conditions:

Storage according to EN 60721-3-1

1K21 / 1M11 +5 to +40 °C

Transport according to EN 60721-3-2

2K12 / 2M4 -45 to +70 °C

Operation according to EN 60721-3-3

3K22 / 3M11 +5 to +40 °C

  • 5-85 % rel. Humidity, no condensation
  • Pollution degree 2

Permissible installation height at nominal load

1000 m above sea level
Minimum air pressure 870 hPa


RAL 7035, solid colour textured lacquer

Protection class according to EN 60529

IP 20 (floor IP00)

Monitoring (configurable)

  • Undervoltage AC input with cut-off
  • Over- and undervoltage output
  • Current limitation
  • Temperature monitoring

Display / Operation

TFT touch screen display
Intuitive menu navigation

Remote signals (configurable
potential-free contacts)

  • On (Power On Enable Controller)
  • Operation / Malfunction
  • Emergency stop

Depending on configuration, subject to change

We will be happy to check your requirements/specification for feasibility

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