Frequency converter with fixed output frequency / railway approval

Frequency converter

Type FW-5443 (1~) and FW-5444 (3~)

Type FW-5444-DB (3~) especially for railroad applications


Scope of application

With our frequency converters, which we offer with outputs of up to 500 kVA, AC consumers can be supplied with constant voltages, deviating from the input network.
Frequency and voltage are adjusted to fixed parameters. Input and output voltage are galvanically isolated.
The frequency converters contain the tried and tested components from our industrial UPS systems and are characterised by maximum reliability, clear design and ease of maintenance.
In addition to the classic frequencies of 50 Hz, 60 Hz, etc., solutions for railway applications are often implemented with e.g. 16.7 Hz.

If you are looking for a unit with freely adjustable output voltage and frequency, you will find it under the section “Test and simulate” as
AC source/sink.

Essential features

  • Galvanic isolation between input and output
  • Sinusoidal pick-up current, low reactive power consumption
  • Color TFT – touch screen display as display and operating unit, incl. Message memory for fault diagnosis
  • High test voltages acc. EN 50124-1 from the railway sector

Customised adaptations

  • Specific electrical parameters, e.g. frequency/voltage, short-circuit currents, overload behaviour
  • Specific electrical parameters, e.g. frequency/voltage, short-circuit currents, overload behaviour
  • Customer-specific equipment, e.g. protective devices, fan monitoring, interfaces

Technical data

Frequency converter
Type FW-5443 (1~) and FW-5444 (3~)

Nominal power

10 – 500 kVA

Mains voltage

3/PE AC 400/230V,
optional e.g. 208/380/480/500/690 V

Output voltage

Fixed voltage in the range of:
10 - 750 V ±1 % (3-phase or 1-phase)

Fixed output frequency

16,7 Hz, 40 Hz, 50 Hz, 60 Hz, 400 Hz, 800 Hz

Output frequency accuracy

±0,1 %

Voltage tolerance


± 1 %


± 4 % at 100 % load change (< 400 Hz)
± 8 % at 100 % load change (400/800 Hz)

asymmetrical load

± 2 % at 100 % unbalanced load (L-N)

Settling time (instantaneous value control)

< 4 ms

Overload behaviour

1.50 x INom for 60 seconds
1.25 x INom for 10 minutes
1.10 x INom for 20 minutes

Short-circuit behaviour

short-circuit proof
Short-circuit current 2 x INom (1-phase)
Short-circuit current 2-4 x INom (3-phase)
Inverter stop after 5 s



Distortion factor (with linear load)

≤ 3 %
≤ 5 % (at ≥100 Hz)

Permissible crest factor of the load current

≤ 2.3 at rated power

Permissible power factor

0.0 ind. - 0.0 cap.
Power reduction in case of deviation
of cos φ 0.8 ind.

General data

Protection class according to EN 60529

IP 20 (floor IP 00)

Permissible environmental conditions:

Storage according to EN 60721-3-1

1K21 / 1M11 +5 to +40 °C

Transport according to EN 60721-3-2

2K12 / 2M4 -45 to +70 °C

Operation according to EN 60721-3-3

3K22 / 3M11 +5 to +40 °C

  • 5-85 % rel. Humidity, no condensation
  • Pollution degree 2

Permissible installation height at nominal load

1 000 m sea level
minimum air pressure 870 hPa)

Cooling type

"AN" natural cooling (fanless) or
„AF“ forced air cooling


TFT panel with touch operation

Applied guidelines and standards

Low Voltage Directive


EMC Directive


RoHS Directive


EMC standards

EN 61439-1
EN 61439-2

General requirements
and safety requirements

EN 61439-1
EN 61439-2
EN 60721-x
EN IEC 62040-1
EN 62040-3
EN 62477-1
EN IEC 63000

Subject to technical changes

We will be happy to check your requirements/specification for feasibility.

Brochure as PDF

Brochure FW-5444-DB as PDF

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