Power supply for operating theatres

BSV systems

Emergency power supplies for operating theatres according to VDE 0558-507 and VDE 0100-710 or ÖVE / ÖNORM E 8007 for continuous or standby parallel operation

BSV Anlage

Scope of application

In the medical field, electrical devices are used on which people’s lives or the healing process depend significantly. Accordingly, the highest demands are placed on the equipment needed in the operating theatre or intensive care unit. Gustav Klein BSV systems guarantee an uninterruptible and safe power supply in accordance with VDE 0100 or ÖVE/ÖNORM E 8007.
Gustav Klein BSV systems are available in both single-phase and three-phase versions and are specially adapted to the requirements in the hospital sector. They are characterised by maximum availability, long service life and ease of servicing.

Essential components

Gustav Klein BSV units are equipped with a colour touch screen display and consist of the components:

  • IGBT rectifier (regenerative for battery test)
  • Battery (energy storage)
  • IGBT inverter with PWM technology
  • Isolating transformer in the rectifier and inverter (floating battery)
  • Electronic bypass
  • Manual bypass (in wall-mounted housing or separate cabinet)

Features and advantages

  • Efficient and cost-effective maintenance and servicing due to well thought-out unit design
  • Highest availability and long service life
  • Interruption time 0 ms
  • Complete battery charge within 6 hours
  • Simple display and operation due to TFT display
  • High performances available:
    single-phase up to 100 kVA, three-phase up to 160 kVA
  • Many custom options available

Options (excerpt)

  • Battery voltage DC link 110 V DC or 372 V DC
  • Battery cabinet fan with fan monitoring
  • Control option for up to 30 external panels
  • Distribution integrated in bypass cabinet
  • Isolating transformer acc. VDE 0558-507 or ÖVE / ÖNORM E 8007 in bypass cabinet
  • Parallel running device
  • Large selection of interfaces available (e.g. SNMP, Modbus)

Subject to technical changes

We will be happy to check your requirements/specification for feasibility.

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