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We do not only want to deliver our systems, but also accompany you with our extensive range of services. Please contact us at any time for help to offer customized solutions specific to your requirements.

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With our 24-hour hotline, we are available for you anytime. Telephone support during our usual working hours is of course free for our customers.

Our services at a glance

We are pleased to help with the renewal of your power supply.
We develope, manufacture and deliver power supply solutions for more than 65 years. Supply of spare parts is not always completely possible for units more than 15 years in operation. In case of emergency the further operation of these safety-related system is very risky.
Through our customized manufacturing, it is possible to use existing parts such as batteries, cables or transformer cabinets. We provide tailor-made solutions for your application.

  • Price and delivery time
  • Guidance for basic equipment
  • Customized concept for spare parts

Connecting the site mounted connection cables for battery, network and consumers. The cables marked with cable lugs must be laid up to the terminals of the cabinets. Commissioning includes a review of the system, switch on, as well as a short training (about 2 hours) of the operating staff. Commissioning is always in accordance with the standards and safety regulations for electronic equipment.

Calibration of (M)I-TS and RTS-DC

Basis: previous maintenance
The calibration includes:

  • Output voltage UDC
  • Output current I+
  • Output current I-
  • Creation of calibration report / measurement value adjustment of system

Wearing parts or aging components should be replaced at recommended intervals in order to keep a proper functioning of the system. These include, for example, fans, capacitors and batteries that have reached the end of life-time.

For customized modification and retrofitting on our systems we will prepare a tailor-made offer after technical clarification.

Components in-house-repair such as modules or control card by our experienced staff is often cheaper and due to direct availability of all required testing and measuring equipment and material needed can be also performed much faster.
You can use following blank form for sending defective components „Registration for repair“)

Our qualified team guarantees a fast and reliable execution of repair work on site. For this, our engineers have latest test equipment and measuring instruments available. This allows a rapid analysis of the error and the correct repair.

Through our extensive training range we provide high operational safety of the operating staff. To this, we offer customized solutions both locally as well as in our factory. The duration and intensity of training can be adjusted individually. Appropriate training materials are individually arranged by us.

Site evaluation for systems that haven´t been maintenanced.

As your plants require high operational reliability, we recommend a regular maintenance by the manufacturer. We offer custom-tailored maintenance contracts and maintenance concepts.
If your plants are regularly checked by us, costly repairs and breakdowns can be prevented, as weak points can be detected early. After every maintenance you get a comprehensive report that gives you an overview of the current condition of your equipment.
Maintenance on UPS contains:

  • system check for their perfect condition and function
  • eliminating failures without substantial time and material, if possible during maintenance
  • replacement of parts with a low value (for example, smaller electronic components)
  • provision of the maintenance special tools, measuring and control equipment
  • checking the battery without control of the filling level
  • primary cleaning of the plant (hoover, brush)

For all questions regarding our services please contact our service team directly.

Mrs. Katharina Grabmair
Service Management
+49 8861 209-160
Email service@gustav-klein.com

Mrs. Sarah Kreutzer
Service Management
+49 8861 209-156
Email service@gustav-klein.com