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The rectifiers are divided in following main groups according to the required power and application:

Thyristor Rectifier Typ GR-3811 and GR-3812


  • Thyristor rectifier 6-pulse (12-pulse)
  • Input contactor for rectifier
  • Automatic charging
  • Analogue control boards with microprocessor supervision (GR-3811)
  • GR-3811 TFT-panelwith touchscreen, GR-3812 with LCD
  • Power stacks with two-stage temperature supervision (failure monitoring/shut down)
  • lsolation transformer in the input
  • 8 remote signals (floating change over contacts)
  • RS232-interface (Profibus, Modbus, SNMP optional)

Proven technology

  • High MTBF values (400 000 h)
  • User-friendly control functions with integrated processor (GR-3811)
  • Temperature-regulated charging voltage
  • 3 charging characteristics (automatic)
  • Fanless design (natural air cooling by convection)
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Bidirectional IGBT-Transistor-Rectifier Type GR-386


General Data

  • Continuous transfer from mains supply to DC-supply (battery test)
  • High dynamic
  • Low rippl (0,5%)
  • Electrical isolation (galvanic)
  • Low mains feed back through P.F.C
  • Input power factor A = 1
  • Parallel connectable
  • Intelligent monitoring functions
  • Configurable interface
  • (Relay, RS232, CAN, HTTP …)
  • User-friendly control functions with integrated processor
  • Up to 1000 V DC Output current up to 1250 A Temperature-regulated charging voltage 3 charging characteristics (automatic)
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Rectifier Module Type GR-5713 (1-) and GR-5701 (3-)

The modules can be used for direct supply or as a float charge rectifier. An unlimited number of units can be connected in parallel. The operation status of each unit is displayed with LED’s. Test sockets are available for current and voltage measurements. The connection is made at the front of the unit. All modules are protected by external fuses.

Special features

  • High efficiency
  • Compact design
  • Easy accessible connection
  • In wide range without fans
  • Noise < 1 mV (24V), < 2 mV (48/60V)
  • Option: Temperature controlled charging voltage
High test voltages
According to German Railway standard

Input – Output: 5,3 kV DC
Output– Ground: 2,8 kV DC
Output – Ground: 2,8 kV DC

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