Transistor-inverters are divided in following main Groups according to the required dc-input voltage, power and application:

  • Single phase inverters Type WR-5080 (up to 200 kVA)
  • Three phase inverters Type WR-5081 (up to 500 kVA)
  • Inverters in modular design with a DC input voltage of 24 V – 220 V can be found in our special brochure. Type WR-5073

Inverter Type WR-5080 and WR-5081


  • Transistorized Inverter in PWM-technique
  • Electronic bypass
  • Manual bypass
  • Analog control boards with microprocessor supervision
  • TFT-panel
  • Power stacks with two-stage temperature supervision (failure monitoring/shut down)
  • 8 remote signals (potential-free change over contacts)
  • Isolation transformer in the output
  • RS232-interface (optional: Profibus, Modbus, SNMP, TCP/IP)
  • High regulation dynamics (> 4ms)
  • Parallel operation for up to 8 units (up to 1500 kVA system rating)
  • High MTBF values (600 00 h)
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Inverter Module Type WR-5073

  • Switch mode inverter
  • High efficiency
  • Excellent dynamic regulation
  • High short-circuit current
  • Short circuit proof
  • Compact design
  • Low weight
  • Deep discharge protection for battery
  • Electronic bypass
  • N resp. N+1 operation (optional)
  • Battery filter
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