Industrial UPS

Static uninterruptible power supplies (also known as UPS systems) are for many applications indispensable today. Statistics show that in Germany on average between two and four extended AC mains failures and more than one hundred short interruptions in the range of milliseconds every year. Systems failures caused by these interruptions can lead to long downtime and data loss. Industrial UPS nominal power up to 200kVA 1~ or up to 500kVA 3~.

General Data

Our UPS are equipped with a coloured TFT Touchscreen-Display
and concists of the following components:

  • Rectifier (backfeed type for 100% battery test)
  • Battery (Eneregystorage)
  • Inverter
  • Electronic mains bypass
  • Service-bypass

Classification according to EN/IEC 62040-3: class VFI-SS-111

The UPS is built of discrete control and supervision boards (plug in modules with front signalling), each control and supervision board
(A2-A4) consists of its own analog control and microprocessor supervision.

The modular design offers an eminent advantage in time and cost in case of service or maintenance.

The transistor rectifier (sinusoidal input current, lambda > 0,99) is designed for the connection on
a three phase mains, for the supply of the inverter at rated load and simultaneously for charging the
battery. The rectifier has an IU-characteristic with adjustable current limitation.

The following battery types are aviable: low maintenance lead-acid batteries, maintenance free,
sealed lead-acid batteries or NiCd-batteries. The batteries are installed on racks or in cabinets.

Separate inputs for rectifier and bypass supply are provided.

UPS systems protect against

  • Short-duration interruptions
  • AC mains failure
  • Voltage variations
  • Superimposed interference voltages
  • Frequency variations
  • AC mains voltage waveform distorion

Our UPS protects your investments and supplies a save power to your resources at any time.

Decades of experience in railway signalling, telecom, power plants, hospitals and all kind of industrial applications stand for our high quality and availability.

Requirements for industrial UPS

  • High availability
  • Spare part supply for at least 15 years
  • Immunity against external EMC according to EN 62040-2
  • Front access for all electronic devices
  • Short repair time and easy diagnosis and repair


  • IGBT PWM technology for rectifier and inverter
  • Sinusoidal input current
  • Operation modes: start up-, standby- and continuous operation
  • 100% battery test by rectifier backfeed
  • Isolation transformer for rectifier and inverter (ungrounded battery)
  • TFT-display with separate microprocessor control
  • With emergency key switching also possible after failure of TFT-display
  • Individual control of rectifier, inverter and bypass with separate independent circuit boards
  • Control circuits are identical for all powers
  • High safety by combination of analogue and digital control
  • Additional safety by high test voltage (input or output against ground 2 kVAC; input against output 3.75 kVAC)
  • Separate feeds for rectifier and bypass
  • Paralleling with loop control circuit
  • Easy transport by fork lift by removable ground cover plate
  • Easy cable connection
  • Highest level according to EN62040-3, VFI-SS-111
  • Industrial style; generous design of components with reserves to the limit designed for continuous operation at rated load up to 40°C
  • Up to 80 kVA systems without fans
  • Proven technology with more than 20 years of experience
  • Own soft- and hardware development, production and service


  • Convection cooling for high power systems (“AN” natural cooling)
  • Isolation transformer at the bypass
  • Enlarged bypass lines
  • 12- or 6-pulse rectifier
  • Enlarged rectifier for higher battery charging current
  • Intermediate voltage 60V / 110V / 220V
  • Enlarged inverter power for high short circuit current and overload behaviour
  • Redundant power inputs via 2 mains (e.g. 50 Hz / 16 2/3 Hz)
  • Operation mode diesel operation
  • Temperature controlled charge voltage
  • Fans failure control (battery room fan)
  • Earth fault monitoring (AC / DC)
  • Battery circuit monitoring
  • Fan supervision
  • Remote panel
  • Remote monitoring
  • Special input and output frequency
  • Power plant design
  • SNMP adapter incl. software
  • RS485 interface
  • Profibus
  • Modbus
  • Event printer
  • Battery cabinets
  • Distribution cabinets
  • External manual bypass
  • Certified eye bolts
  • Reinforced mech. design for high seismic stress
  • Special lacquer
  • High protection class
  • Halogen free cabling
  • Wire marking
  • Cabinet light
  • Cabinet heating
  • Sealed cable entry
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