Special Power Supply for operating rooms according to German Standard VDE0558-507 and VDE 0100-710 or Type BSV 7023

  • No transfer at mains failureDesigned for medical rooms according to
  • German Standard VDE 0558-507
  • Single phase output up to 200 kVA (high short circuit current for selective fuse tripping)
  • Sinusoidal rectifier input current
  • No reactive power consumption (input power factor 1)
  • Separate manual bypass (up to 15 kVA in wall mounted cabinet)
  • Floating battery voltage (including earth fault supervison)
  • Capacity and function test during normal operation
  • Capacity test at full rated power via feed back to mains
  • Robust design
  • Best solution for connection of generator
  • Easy operation and service
  • Customized design possible by many options
  • Extreme high overload behaviour
  • Extensive monitorings
  • Coloured TFT-Panel
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