About us

The Gustav Klein GmbH & Co. KG was founded in Schongau, Germany, in 1948. In 1969, a subsidiary factory was opened in Austria, at that time our principial export country, and is now located in Inzing to the west of Innsbruck. The Gustav Klein company has 220 employees in the two factories.

The manufacture of transformers was the beginning of our rapidly expanding product palette, soon followed by voltage stabilizers and AC mains voltage regulators for radio and television broadcast transmitters of the Deutsche Bundespost (at that time the German telecommunications authority).
The first thyristor rectifiers were developed and presented in 1960. When the design of the thyristor inverter was ready for production in 1962, the two were combined to form a “UPS equipment” which was completed in 1968 with the newly developed, fully uninterruptible, electronic AC mains switching device (NUE).
Switched-mode rectifiers and DC converters were delivered from 1970 on.
As soon as high-current bipolar transistors became available in 1985, the Gustav Klein company began production of single-phase and 3-phase pulse-width modulated inverters and UPS equipment with ratings up to 100 kVA.
New IGBT transistors made it possible to improve the efficiency of our UPS equipment in 1996. Since the year 2000 UPS equipment with microprocessors are in our product range.
UPS equipment can now be supplied with system ratings up to 1600 kVA.

“Your partner for all aspects of power supply equipment”

The Gustav Klein company is certificated after German Institute for Standardization in DIN EN ISO 14001:2015 and DIN EN ISO 9001:2015.